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  •  Buying A Machine Gun
    Buying A Machine Gun

    In this article, we discuss the personal ownership of machine guns. While suppressors, short barrel rifles, and short barrel shotguns are commonplace with NFA owners, machine guns are discussed much less. To many, their acquisition and ownership remain a mystery. Even though they are legal, many people are still unaware they can privately possess them.

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  •  The Benefits of Suppressed Hunting
    The Benefits of Suppressed Hunting

    As suppressors have become more popular over the last few years, many hunters are starting to see the benefits of using them while in the field. Being able to preserve the shooter’s hearing while hunting is certainly an obvious perk; however, there are many other benefits that may not be immediately apparent.

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Easily Achieve Suppression

Capitol Armory is the nation's largest dealer specializing in NFA / Class 3 weapons, specifically suppressors. We are SilencerCo's largest retail and law enforcement / military dealer and offer the industry's best customer service, pricing and selection. We accomplish this with technology to make the complicated NFA process easy for the end consumer. Capitol Armory has been serving customers nationwide since 2009 and is based on the edge of Austin in Cedar Park, Texas.

Why purchase from Capitol Armory?

We have the necessary knowledge to support our customers - no other dealer can match that. In a niche market where service matters, we deliver strong! We are experts in managing the complicated NFA process and make the process painless with our proprietary software created to make NFA purchases easy for you.

Our online system features:

  • Simple, one page checkout that is safe and secure.
  • BATFE fees are automatically applied to your cart and we never add additional fees to process the transfer.
  • Secure document storage of your information: trust, fingerprints, data. Submit once and never submit for subsequent purchases!
  • Digital Signatures for all parties (don't need to be present to sign) and the new ATF Barcode.
  • Form 1 processing for our customers.

We take the complexity out of the NFA process and back it with selection, competitive pricing and the service you expect.

Browse our products and you'll notice we carry most major NFA brands, including AAC, Daniel Defense, Dead Air, Gemtech, Griffin Armament, KG Made, Liberty Suppressors, Noveske, Primary Weapons Systems, Q, Rugged, SureFire, Sig Sauer, SilencerCo, and Thunder Beast.

Learn more about how we streamline suppressor ownership.